Careers in complex adaptive systems

Career options

What career opportunities are in the College of Complex Adaptive Systems?

  • Biomedical/medical science
  • Business intelligence analytics
  • Consulting
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Data science
  • Data/microsystem engineering
  • Education
  • Environmental systems
  • Military
  • Natural/health science management
  • NGO or other nonprofit
  • Policymakers, government and regulatory agencies
  • Research and development

What career outcomes are possible for biomimicry graduates?

  • Obtain meaningful and gainful employment in the rapidly emerging global market for biomimics
  • Offering biomimicry expertise as a consultant
  • Engage and lead others inside your organization to begin practicing and demonstrating world-class examples of biomimicry
  • Fostering the next generation of biomimics by incorporating biomimicry into new or existing educational endeavors
  • Alumni career examples (see “Graduates of the two-year Biomimicry Professional Certification include”)

Workshops and lectures

Our Careers Going Forward events are held during the spring and fall semesters. The events address what you can do with your career after graduation and the tools you need to get there. You can view recordings of previous events here.

Career development

The School of Complex Adaptive Systems encourages undergraduate and graduate students to take advantage of as many career development opportunities as possible to enhance their academic experience.

ASU offers services to help undergraduate and graduate students interested in career development. Below are links to programs available through the university.

Network with students and alumni

Connect with us on LinkedIn. Create a profile and request to join the following group that is reserved exclusively for School of Complex Adaptive Systems students and alumni:

  • The ASU Complex Adaptive Systems LinkedIn group is for students and alumni of the School of Complex Adaptive Systems (SCAS) at Arizona State University to share ideas, opportunities and challenges; network and reconnect with peers. Through organic engagement, this group strives to deepen each member’s roots to the SCAS community and grow the SCAS network.


  • Sustainability Connect  is the place for College of Global Futures graduate and undergraduate students to learn about current internship opportunities. For information about how to pursue an internship for credit, please review our policies and procedures on our Internships resource page.

Local involvement

Build your network and your resume while doing something you love. Get involved locally with groups on and off campus.

ASU has over 1,000 student clubs and organizations to get involved. The College of Global Futures supports a few clubs specifically geared to its students. Browse this list of clubs and organizations.

Graduate college career development

Graduate certificates

Graduate certificates can be completed with a graduate degree or as a stand-alone program in some cases.

Professional development for international students

Other ASU resources

Curriculum vitae (CV) resources

A well-crafted CV is crucial for landing a job in academia after graduation. Below are resources to assist you in creating your CV:

Resume resources

Career advising

Students and alumni can schedule one-on-one advising appointments. 

Our career advisor meets with students and alumni to discuss career options, assist with occupational research, provide labor market information and counsel on job search strategy and other employment-related topics.

Schedule a career advising appointment

Online appointment

In-person appointment

Recruiters and employers

Why recruiters and employers should hire our students

Recruiters and employers who are looking for agents of change need look no further than the School of Complex Adaptive Systems. In preparing for an opportunity to work for your company, our graduates have learned complex adaptive system concepts and tools to promote the interdisciplinary collaborations needed to solve some of today’s most pressing, complex and global challenges.

The ASU School of Complex Adaptive Systems provides students with strong research opportunities and outreach programs that develop them as both scholars and real-world strategists. Graduates receive an education that emphasizes the value of a complex adaptive systems perspective to give science better insight and a more active role in seeking solutions to critical issues facing society today. 

If you are interested in hiring a student from the College of Complex Adaptive Systems, please contact us at [email protected].