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  Transdisciplinary ideas for a complex world

Transdisciplinary ideas for a complex world

Transdisciplinary ideas for a complex world

Uncertainty, scalability, thresholds (tipping points), path dependence…these are among the most pressing issues facing societies across the globe. The School of Complex Adaptive Systems explores these challenges, develops solutions and suggests interventions that enhance the resilience and well-being of our planet and our shared global futures.

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Our planet is the ultimate complex system with many intertwined subsystems that envelop natural, social and technological systems and transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. This visionary school engages wide-ranging national and international collaborations to advance the exploration of these systems and disseminate fundamental transdisciplinary knowledge through a unique set of academic graduate offerings.

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In keeping with the goals of The New American University, the School of Complex Adaptive Systems is committed to establishing Arizona State University as the laboratory for Global Futures through interdisciplinary research, discovery and development. To support this effort, the School of Sustainability, the School of Life Sciences and the School of Human Evolution and Social Change now offer their graduate students the option of a PhD concentration in Complex Adaptive Systems Science (CASS). A CASS Certificate is available to all graduate students in good standing in their elected school or department.